Poem: I Am Alone

I am alone…

God knows it as He wanted me to do His good works.
He touched your heart and built the passion to freely give,
I did not choose you, voluntarily you embraced my purpose
And eventually seen you doing the same works like I do.
The grace is God’s.

I am not alone…

For now, I can do a lot of things with your help.
I cannot pay you in return or give you comfort in the works,
What I can only share you is the magical message,
And the fulfillment of what must love be in our beautiful world.

Thanks God for having you upstage, backstage and in all the future stages that God have planned for our destiny. Thanks you for loving Our Bacud Charities, Philippines (OBCP) – the passion and love, the good life, the better world and our best relation to our God.

This poem entitled “I am Alone” is dedicated to all the volunteers, sponsors, donors, friends and followers of Our Bacud programs which started in 16 November, 2014 and continue to progress. Improvement credits is given to all, who in one way or the other have contributed or pledged a part of their material possession, technical expertise and moral support.

OBCP’s one year anniversary will be held on 16 November, 2015. 

Praise the Lord!

 Photo owned by Boie17.

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