Wake Up To The iBN350 – Wireless Charging + Bluetooth Clock Radio

The only thing that hasn’t changed about alarm clocks is that they’re usually placed on night tables. But you’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t have electronics inside to do more than just tell the time and sound an alarm. iHome’s iBN350 – Wireless Charging + Bluetooth Clock Radio is definitely of this new breed of alarm clocks, but it goes farther because of what is also going to be found on the night table.

That being a smartphone. One that’s probably going to be charging overnight. So before anything else, let’s get to the big, big, BIG feature the IBN350 brings — that being its Qi compatible.

What does that mean, other than the clock’s top having a top that looks like you can place a phone on it? That’s exactly what it means, providing the phone agrees with Qi so it can now wirelessly charge itself up. That means compatible Androids like Samsung and others for sure, but also the iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X. But should a wireless phone still be off on your horizon, a nice touch is the addition of a USB charging port to use with non-wireless phones and other devices that use the same amount of power as that needed for a smartphone.

Now being an alarm clock, there has to be an alarm. So there is — two of them in fact. And of course the expected “Snooze” tab to hit for a couple more Zzzzs. There’s also Bluetooth for streaming from the phone (NFC compatibility for a quick pairing) and a mic for using the clock as a speakerphone — complete with voice echo cancellation and real tabs to press for initiating talking or hanging up. Being connected also takes care of setting the clocks time, so that pesky twice a year daylight saving time change can be ignored.

The iBN350 – Wireless Charging + Bluetooth Clock Radio works with a free app for voice control of music playing from apps like iHeartRadio and others, and is made with a universal power supply so it works just about anywhere in the world. Meaning you can charge your phone and be sure of waking up no matter where your head hits the pillow. It retails for $129.99.

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