Ideas for Covering a Dented Dishwasher

Do you need ideas for covering a dented dishwasher? Whether it was accidentally damaged or you bought it at a scratch and dent sale, you can easily cover it. They’re one of the most versatile kitchen appliances when it comes to simple home decorating. You can easily change the look in just a few minutes, and without going to great expense. Professional skills aren’t required either. Consider the following easy ways to cover a dent on a dishwasher door, and hide the damage without replacing the entire front section.  

Have You Heard of Magnetic Dishwasher Covers?

You don’t have to live with a glaring dent on the dishwasher door. Have you heard of magnetic dishwasher covers? Most people haven’t. They’re easy to apply and very unique. Also, the sheets can be trimmed for a perfect fit. They’re covered with stylish graphics and/or text, and they come in countless subjects and colors to coordinate with any kitchen. They turn a damaged but functional appliance into an eye-catching work of art. You can find everything from country-style dishwasher covers like the one below to solid black designs with contemporary flair. You can also transform a white appliance into black or stainless steel. It couldn’t get any easier than it is with magnetic dishwasher panels. Any other method wouldn’t be nearly as easy – unless of course you find refrigerator magnets that are just the right size and shape.

Primitive Country Dishwasher Magnet CoverPrimitive Country Dishwasher Magnet Cover

You Can Cover the Damage with an Array of Refrigerator Magnets

If those don’t sound like good ideas for covering a dented dishwasher, have you considered using refrigerator magnets? If they’re just the right shape and size they will work like a charm. No one will see the damage beneath the design. If you don’t want to change the entire color of the unit, look for magnets in a style or subject of your choice. You can find every theme and size imaginable when shopping online. You don’t have to go with plastic fruit, veggies, and other typical food-related subjects either.  You can find abstract art, pets, flowers, and about every subject that you would want.  

Hide the Damage with a Unique Photo Collage

How about covering the dent with a photo collage? Clear magnetic photo frames are designed to adhere to anything metal. They’re not just for embellishing refrigerators and posting children’s artwork. Since it would be difficult to view photos of people and pets below eye level, how about going with scenic pictures? Alternately, you could take snapshots of subjects that coordinate with your decorating scheme. You can find free photos to print and use on Pixabay. Simply slide them into the following clear acrylic frames and cover the ugly dent.

Set Of 5 Freez-A-Frame, Magnetic 4Set Of 5 Freez-A-Frame, Magnetic 4″ x 6″ Photo Frame. Made in USA

Now that you have a few ideas for covering a dented dishwasher, which one will you choose? I would go with one of the magnetic dishwasher covers. I love the idea of being able to completely change the look of my kitchen for holidays, seasons, or just because. The appliance doesn’t have to be dented or damaged to give it a whole new look.

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