Ideas for Backyard Bonfire Seating

Bonfires are something to look forward to, especially on cool summer and autumn nights. They can include classic treats such as roasted marshmallows, s’mores, smudgie pies, hotdogs and other campfire favorites. Watching the dancing flames of a fire is fun and entertaining, especially when in good company. If you want your guests to stay awhile, you should provide comfortable seating. Folding chairs can be comfy, but they are not ideal for a permanent setup. Logs might seem idyllic, but they are extremely heavy and impractical. Use these ideas for backyard bonfire seating. It will become a gathering place for enjoying more than just conversation and treats. It will become a favorite backyard activity and a place where memories are made.

Why Logs Are Not Ideal

If you have ever tried to pick up big logs, you already know how incredibly heavy they are. Backyard bonfire seating that weighs hundreds of pounds is not practical because of the weight, but it is not the best option for other reasons as well. Lengthwise logs are not usually the right height for sitting. Also, if the wood is not treated, it will attract insects and eventually rot. Much better options are available for a permanent fire pit, and you can find the perfect solutions online.   

Ideas for Backyard Bonfire Seating

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Consider Rustic Teak Wood Stools

Stools that can be moved are the most practical form of backyard bonfire seating, and the Deco 79 Teak Wood Stool is a phenomenal choice. They are very well-constructed stools that are made from real wood, and they look as great as they perform. As you can see from the photo, the wood is assembled like brickwork. As a result, the stools are exceptionally sturdy. They weigh 14 pounds each. They are light enough to easily move if needed, but they are heavy enough to stay in place when not in use, even on windy days.

Do Not Forget Side Tables

Side tables are not just for indoor use. They are just as useful outdoors, especially around a bonfire. Side tables provide guests with places to set their food, drinks and other items. Stools that are not in use can be implemented as side tables. Consider investing in rustic outdoor options. Trying to juggle food, drinks, a cell phone and other items all at once is nearly impossible. Anyone with a permanent fire pit should furnish it accordingly to begin with instead of skimping on outdoor seating and related accessories.  

Ideas for Backyard Bonfire Seating

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Use Half-Log Benches for Backyard Bonfire Seating

If individual stools are not your idea of the best backyard bonfire seating, opt for half-log benches instead. This one is about four feet long, and it is a stylish and sturdy outdoor option. Style does not usually come to mind when thinking of bonfires or fire pits, but something rustic is perfect for a permanent setup. The Montana Woodworks Half-Log Bench pictured is made in the USA from authentic lodge pole pine, and it comes ready to stain and coordinate with your outdoor decor. If you are going to add permanent backyard bonfire seating, you might as well do it right.

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