Ideas for a Little Girl’s Flower Garden Birthday Party

Do you want ideas for a little girl’s flower garden birthday party? It’s a lovely theme. The treats, decorations, games, and favors are fun and easy to do. Best of all, it’s a beautiful subject with endless possibilities. It can be a very special day whether hosting it indoors or outside. Consider the following flower themed birthday party for girls, and make it a celebration to remember. These are affordable floral themed birthday party ideas for girls, and they will help you to get started. 

Begin with Easy Flower Decorations for a Girl’s Birthday Party

You don’t have to buy ready-made birthday party flower decorations. Start by stringing together artificial flower heads of your choice to create spring and summer garland. Use blooms in colors and styles of your choice. They don’t have to be expensive to look phenomenal. Use the garland to decorate doorways and other areas. Add strings of soft white lights for a magical touch. You can’t have too many! Decorate along the ceiling and around the edges of tables as well. It will look absolutely gorgeous, and it will set the mood for the celebration. The moment that kids arrive they will know that it’s going to be very special. 

Fun and Easy Flower-Themed Games and Activities

Do you need flower-themed games for a girl’s birthday party? Draw a big daisy on a sheet of poster board, and create a pin the petal on the flower game. Leave one flower petal of your choice completely blank. Make a petal for each child using a different colored piece of tissue paper. Apply a single piece of rolled scotch tape to the back edge of each one. Spin each player around and around with a blindfold in place. Have them try to pin their petal on the flower in the spot where it’s needed. Whoever comes the closest to completely the flower wins the game. It’s a creative spin on a classic party game. 

Paper Flower Pom (Set of 7) Color: Melon PinkPaper Flower Pom (Set of 7) Color: Melon Pink

Pink Daisy Flower PinataPink Daisy Flower Pinata












Other Games and Activities for a Flower-Themed Birthday Party

  • Flower bloom toss – each player tries tosses a flower bloom into  a row of flowerpots that are filled with small prizes
  • Guess the number of flower-shaped candies in a jar
  • Make floral bracelets with stretchy strings and beads
  • Hide flower blooms to find indoors or outside
  • Decorate flower-shaped sugar cookies
Ideas for Flower Cupcakes

Willy66 / Pixabay

Floral Birthday Party Treats

When seeking ideas for a little girl’s flower garden birthday party, floral treats are a must. Make cupcakes in a flavor of your choice, and decorate the frosting with gum drops that have been cut into the shapes of petals. Use your imagination to create all kinds of gorgeous edible flowers. Use mini chocolate chips to make the centers of sunflowers. Make the petals using bright yellow gumdrops that have been cut to size. These are just a couple of ways to make easy flower themed cupcakes for a birthday party. Other candies can be arranged to create edible flowers. You can also add edible glitter to make them sparkle in an eye-catching and magical way. 

These Are Easy Favors and Other Ideas for a Little Girl’s Flower Garden Birthday Party

Lastly, you’re going to need flower-themed birthday party favors that kids can take home. Fill small plastic flowerpots with candy and small toys of your choice. Stick a colorful wrapped flower lollipop in each one or an artificial bloom of your choice. The options are endless when seeking decorating ideas for a flower-themed birthday party. More importantly, the kids will have a blast. 

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