iHome’s iCVBT2 Bluetooth Speaker Vanity Mirror

There are time-worn products that never go out of style, and a vanity mirror for detailed grooming in the bathroom is definitely on this list. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a bit of updating and adding some tech-glitz. So that’s where iHome’s newest Bluetooth Speaker Vanity Mirror, the iCVBT2, comes in.

As befits being called a “mirror,” the iCVBT2 mostly stands out because there’s a 7 X 9″ flat panel mirror staring back at you. And which is distortion free obviously or you couldn’t bear to look. To aid in seeing what it’s reflecting, there’s accent lighting courtesy of LEDs containing 200 Lux full spectrum color lighting. You’d expect to be able to adjust the settings so as to make for a natural lighting appearance since the day varies as to illumination, so you can by telling the LEDs to go high or low.

But since you gotta have music, there’s a Bluetooth-powered speaker inside the base to accept streaming music from your smartphone or tablet (going “old school” lets you use an AUX in too). Nor is it surprising that the iCVBT2 can also be used as a speakerphone, since there’s a built-in microphone and Talk/End tabs along with other tabs for power and volume. Plus embedded tech devoted to digital voice echo cancellation so talking sounds like people and not an echo chamber. Or that it has a dedicated tab supporting the Siri or Google Now voice assistants (depending on which phone’s operating system is being used).

And because iHome isn’t clueless, the electricity that’s powering the iCVBT2 is also used through a USB port for charging your phone, should you wish to do so (and since it’s 1amp, tablets need not apply).

iHome’s iCVBT2 looks good and should help you look good too. It comes in black or white, has a 100v-240v universal AC power supply and retails for $79.99.

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