I’m Addicted to French Vanilla Cappuccino

A tasty cup of cappuccino (photo by Virginia Allain)

A tasty cup of cappucchino
(photo by Virginia Allain)

Most people need a cup or two of coffee to kick-start their morning. They fancy it up with sugar and creamer and swear that they can’t be civil until they have that first cup.

Somehow, I never learned to drink coffee, but have my own morning ritual. It involves a cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino. Just saying the name makes me want to get out a mug and fix some now.

I used to drink hot chocolate, but that seemed a bit childish or like something an elderly lady might sip as she read her book by the fireside. I wanted something more sophisticated, yet easy to prepare.

I didn’t want to run out to Starbucks for a sweet concoctions and pay 6 or 7 dollars. I didn’t want to buy a fancy machine with wasteful individual portions or a cappuccino machine that would take up space on the kitchen counter.

When I discovered Daily Chef French Vanilla Cappuccino, it fulfilled all my desires. Not coffee, but a hot, satisfying drink to start my morning off right. It’s ready in minutes, thanks to the microwave.  I fill a cup with boiling water, stir in a scoop of the cappuccino mix and add my soy milk. You might prefer it without milk or with a creamer.

It’s a comforting mug of yumminess for mornings while I read my emails on the computer or an afternoon pick-me-up as I relax with the newspaper or a good book after golf.

Even if you are a coffee drinker, I’ll bet you’ll enjoy this as a change of pace now and then. You may even become addicted like me.


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