I’m Better Off Self-Employed

If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I do not follow directions, they will tell you no. With that being said, I am better off self-employed. I came to this decision after evaluating myself. Below are the reasons why I am better off self-employed.

I Do Not Follow Direction Well

I have always been the type of person to march to the beat of my own drum and I do not like being told what to do and that would not fly in the workplace.

Photo Credit Pixabay

Photo Credit Pixabay


I am a person that always has an idea. Why work for someone else and make their ideas come true. Instead, I can use that time to work on my own ideas. With that being said, I think all creative people should work for themselves and bring their ideas to life. 

I’m Passionate about Being My Own Boss

I am one of those individuals that have to have a passion about what they do. Working for somebody else, I would not have that passion; you can call me crazy, but I have to like what I do.

In closing, everyone is not employee material. I think everyone was not born to be an employee. I saw, if you think self-employment is the way you should go, try it. I plan to.

Photo Credit Pixabay 

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