Imagine a world Without Child Abuse

Have you thought of what the world would be like if kids are not in existence. Obviously, no society can survive without children. It’s sad to see children are not treated well, most of them are abused in various ways by parents, relatives and the society at large.
Who is a child?

A child is a person between the ages of 0 to 17 years and they should be protected from hazardous work, crimes and sexual harassment. Any act that constitutes a threat to a child’s education, well being and development is a crime to humanity. How can we  prevent cruelty to children?

Commercial sexual exploitation of children is the worst forms of child abuse and it has gained a lot of publicity internationally and locally. Young girls have been the target of this heinous crime, they are given into marriage at an early age and sexually assaulted both by the old and young. The girls are treated as sexual objects when payment is made to the child or a third party.
California state penal code defines child abuse as intentional physical injury.

A boy was abused by his grandmother who dipped his buttocks in hot water for bed wetting and a   pastor defiled his daughter while his wife just delivered a baby boy.
Why do people commit crimes against children?
The causes are attributed to poverty, hunger, broken homes, child neglect, low value attached to education, viewing pornography, lust and gender discrimination.
Of course, there are consequences for every action. The abused child suffers most because they’re denied to enjoy their youth. They’re exposed to health risks, trauma, teenage pregnancy and social exclusion.

I say, children protect yourselves
Avoid negative peer pressure and don’t join your friends to take drugs and alcoholic 
Don’t receive money from strangers and never follow males to dark places. Report any mischievous person to your parent or care giver. Most importantly take good advise from your parents.

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