iMazing 2 Is Just That For Your iPhone

iMazing 2

iPhones and iPads helped to redefine the mobile market, but it came with a built-in price: Apple put a lock-down on accessing the technologies insides. So while you can copy a message, you can’t copy the entire thread. Nor can you do such “trivial” things as moving music or photos or folders/documents easily or do a backup that really holds everything (iTunes relying on the contents being on the computer’s hard drive and just saving “info”).  But you’re not forced to pay the price if you have iMazing 2.

Designed for the Mac or PC, iMazing 2 does not jailbreak or alter your iPhone, but instead allows you to choose how and what is on it and what to do with it. As an example, you can see your iMessages or SMS messages, select a thread (I.e., messages from an individual) and export the entire contents plus any imaging as a PDF file or in other formats to the hard drive. Then you can archive or work with them (best part is that you can then delete that long thread if you want while knowing you’ve a backup). Backups copy everything, although it’s just as easy to save photos and documents and music to the computer. And when it’s time to move to a new phone, the transfer is many times easier, safer and of course does not violate any Apple restrictions. Another big point is that you’re able to forget about using cloud storage, should privacy/hacking issues relating to having your content on an Apple server fill you with dread. It’s also a simpler way to find the phone’s serial number than searching through the phone’s myriad of sub menus.

The actual use of iMazing 2 (being an updated version of the initial program) is easy and there’s no learning curve to speak of: everything on the graphical interface is lettered and makes perfect sense. Not that you can’t take your time, once you’ve attached the iPhone to your computer in the conventional manner with a Lightning cable. The first and only real step you have to do is to make a backup of the iPhone right away so that its contents are now visible in the program. Then you have access to manipulating what is on your phone as you see fit (there’s even accessibility to the iTunes backup, should one have been done).

iMazing 2 retails for $39.99 for use with 1 computer, $49.99 for use with 2 computes and $69.99 for use with 5 computers — all of these packages include updates as needed over the course of time. Even those who worry about messing things up will find this program non-intimidating and useful. Add to that appreciation by those who know that what’s on their iPhone should be under their control.

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