Used Step Van – Things to Consider before Buying

Step van is the name given to a .50 to one ton panel truck that is built with low van steps under the doors. It gives the driver the option to sit or stand up while driving. This vehicle is also known as walk-in or multi-stop delivery truck. It was originally designed as a forward-control truck which was primarily used to deliver milk and bakery products. It evolved to become what it is today – a primary vehicle of courier companies and cargo forwarding service providers. These businesses own a big chunk of the growing logistics and transportation industry in the U.S. The used step van is still pretty much a negotiable item in the market today.

If you are on a budget and you need a delivery or step van for your business, one option that makes sense on your pocket is to buy a used vehicle. However, since many of those have been subjected to wear and tear, you must make sure to pick one that will be useful for a number of years.

Here are the factors that you need to consider before buying used step van:


All commodities whether new or used have a price range. When buying used, you must consider the cost vs. the mileage and physical condition of the vehicle. But before you hit the road for your search, you must first consider looking for it online. It can save you time and energy. Besides, the vehicles offered for sale online have all the basic information you need. This includes the type, model, price, and mileage of the vehicle. Once you have made a choice, all you need to do is contact the vendor for appointment.

Financing Options

If you have a lender or if you have been pre-approved for financing, you should complete the necessary steps before choosing a unit. This will give you an idea of your approved amount including monthly payments, interest rates, and specific terms. If you want, you can go directly to van dealers that offer financing options. Just be warned in advance however, that it is not a wise idea because their rates are high.

Gas vs. Diesel

Buying a vehicle doesn’t end in choosing between new or used. It entails making up your mind whether buying gas or diesel works well for you. When making a choice, you should consider their pros and cons to your operations. Moreover, you should take note that the choice you make on this aspect will certainly affect your budget.

Delivery Timeline

Your dealer’s ability to deliver matters a lot. In business, time is gold. Each day has a corresponding price in dollars. You should choose a vendor that can deliver your vehicle as early as possible.

These are the factors that you need to consider if you are planning to buy a used step van or delivery truck. You must take note however, that these tips are feasible only while you are at the planning stage. It does not cover the steps you need to undertake when choosing a specific unit. Checking the quality of trucks involves a different set of technical aspects that you need to know.

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