Good Christian School – How to Identify One

It is not uncommon for parents to ask questions about effective factors to consider when looking for a good Christian school for their kids. Your children’s education will definitely play an important part of their lives. There are a lot of things to consider, but perhaps the right thing to do is to ask the right questions. The answers will certainly lead you to an environment where your kids can learn and develop Christian values you will surely appreciate. Sending kids to a God-centered academe will certainly help to mold them into God-loving individuals. Here are some of the most pertinent questions you might want to ask:


1. Is the school affiliated with or part of a church?


The answer to this will point you to a particular group and will give you an idea about the Christian perspective the school’s curriculum is based on. If you find that the school’s beliefs are in line with yours, it would be a good place for your child to learn.


2. What qualifications does the school require from teachers in order to get hired?


A state certification should not be the only qualification a good Christian school must require from teachers. Aside from a bachelor’s degree in teaching, they must have a deep-rooted conviction that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior and the bible is the word of God. This will make them good examples for children to follow. Schools that foster Christian philosophy are the ones that have the biggest potential to make your child grow academically and spiritually.


3. Can the school show its curriculum guide or the curriculum materials it uses?


A school’s curriculum reflects its objectives for every grade level. Of course, it should first comply with state mandated objectives but it should not stop there. A good Christian school must do more to exceed those objectives by working to develop children into responsible, God loving individuals. If the school uses secular textbooks, it should supplement these books with biblical materials.


4. How does the school encourage students to become faithful Christians?


Teaching about the bible at each grade level is a basic requirement for Christian schools. If this is not performed, then it is not the one you’re looking for. A good Christian academy should open opportunities for students to worship together or get involved in some external ministries. This is an important aspect of a child’s spiritual growth.


These are some of the most important questions you may ask the school’s administration to make sure that the academy is not only promoting education but spiritual growth. Many Christian schools are doing these but unfortunately, a majority of them operate from tuition and other fees. This makes these schools quite expensive and limits the schools’ capability to draw students from lower economic background. As Christians, this is quite an irony, but knowing that your child is nurtured and educated by Christians is a bonus in itself. A child that grows with the knowledge, respect and love of God will surely them responsible, just and humble individuals you can be proud of.


photo credit for featured image: Dayspring Christian Academy

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