Indian Music and Meditation and Relaxation

Indian music(American Indian/Native American) has been popular for many years but these days it seems to be even more popular in my opinion.  The words,” God is never far from us some Indians believe.” I do not know much about how the Indians believe about the Christian faith. I have listened to a few Indian music meditation videos lately that a friend sent me to watch. He told me how it helped him a lot with calming himself through meditating this way.  I have heard that Indian music is soothing to listen to while meditating. I know someone that can vouch that the Indian music has helped him greatly with restoring his peace of mind when he is having an upsetting day, or because he wants to keep his frame of mind in the right place.  His name is Roger Kozora, and I will ask him what type of music that he listens to that helps his state of mind relax.

Indians use to set together and smoke their peace pipes. I do not claim to understand what all was basically in the peace pipes that some of the Indians would have been smoking. They did seem to look relaxed.  Indian peace pipes were uses to seal a covenant or treaty. Sometimes smoking a peace pipe was to offer a prayer in a special type of spiritual ceremony. If you know anything about peace pipes put your information in the comment box.

People today can learn how some of the Indians found peace their way. Indians have been known for chanting, along with other ways of finding peace of mind. I am not telling anyone that the ways all Indians believe are Christian or not. I learned from a pastor that while different cultures will differ from one another, the opposite parties can learn a lot from one another with peace in front of them, and in the back of them.

I do believe that Indian music, as well as yoga practices, can be useful in today’s society without being thought of as UN-Christian. Some people believe that yoga is wrong due to the chanting that some instructor has demonstrated. Christian that likes to do yoga exercises could just do the stretches and pray their way. I do not claim to know what is wrong or right in this area. I do know that it is good to pray, and it is good to exercise and do stretches to keep the body in good shape.

I would advise readers to study more about the Indian culture, and see if learning more about how to meditate through their style will be beneficial to them, and still not be violating their faith. My friend Roger loves the Lord with all his heart and he believes that listening to certain types of Indian music relaxes him.

Is listening to Indian music more Christian than people use to think it was all about. Read, meditate on the information and then relax within yourself. Dear Lord guides all the readers here that seek the truth to find the answers to their questions.

Janette Oke is the author of the book” Love’s Long journey”. A part of this story is about how an Indian tribe became friend with the people within the story. The main family in this story was Christian, and how God joined them all together for their good. I believe there are no such things as coincidences when it comes to how God can help all his people. The Indians in the story may just make you smile and think about their culture in a good way. This information is not to force my religious beliefs on anyone. This information may lead you to want to know about the Indian culture. It is good to learn all about God’s people whether we agree with their ways or not

This information is to try to understand American Indian/Native/Native Americans Music. This is just my point of view on the topic.


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