Which Information Feels Important

Open a portal into another land to see what you find, and see if you can.

Understand that its different from the one you were in before.

With qualities different and quite a bit more.

With knowledge that’s flowing like a babbling brook,

With wisdom that’s found with one single look.

This land is much different you must know it by feel.

Avoid all the nonsense to find the real deal.

Gossips not here only truth to be found,

For those who will see it and know how to see.

Knowing they’ve found the truth because they have seen.

If you find your way here, you may never leave.

Wrapped in a reality of facts and dreams.

It may put you to sleep or wake you with a start,

because the knowledge is deep and comes from the heart,

Or its superficial and means nothing at all,

You must determine the rise and fall.

Of what is true and what is false, 

keep truth inside you and reject the faults.

To figure out yourself you must first find balance.

cause standing on your own can be quite the challenge 

and if you lean to far one way or the other,

you land on your face with force from another.

So its best to first find your center.

Learn your skills and get better.

Find strength in the truth, it will help set you loose,

from the chains that are making you bitter.

This is where i enter,

Showing everyone how to be a winner.

Ill make the past fade and cut through your chains,

so what you once were a sinner?

It doesn’t matter to me im a real OG

and i lived in the streets, where the real gangstas be.

Always bring the heat when i pull off these feats,

and if we meet don’t run just speak.

Not sideways like many speak straight toward,

and progress will be found if you always move forward.

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