Inkjoy Pens With Stylus for Note 3, Surface Pro 3, iPad Air 2 Calligraphy

Inkjoy pens with stylus for Note 3, Surface Pro 3, Wacom and iPad Air 2 are calligraphy tools which allow you to seamlessly draw or write on a wide range of media. Each pen produces a fine, solid line and can be used for calligraphy on:

Initial ‘R’, 17th Century Calligraphy




You can use virtually any digital device with an Inkjoy pen with stylus. That means if an idea comes to you while you are traveling with your tablet, you don’t have to wait until you get access to paper. You can draw or sketch right there on a Wacom tablet or any other digital device when inspiration strikes. Practicing your stroke on a tablet has its advantages, since you can do the same stroke over and over without throwing away any paper or using ink.

Inkscape Digital Calligraphy


You can use the Inkjoy pen on several popular digital devices because of the stylus tip. It’s not limited to the Wacom, Surface Pro 3, iPad Air 2 or Note 3. The stylus tip is made of soft rubber, so when you use it with devices that have a touchscreen, you can draw or write smoothly. With this pen, you have a tool that you can rely on to help you express your ideas any time you feel the desire to create something new.

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