Innisfail Odd and Unusual Livestock Auction

Twice a year the Innisfail Auction Market in Innisfail, Alberta, hosts a three-day Odd and Unusual Auction.  Buyers can find anything and everything, from sheep with four horns, to exotic pheasant chicks.  Everything from miniature cattle, to bison (or even a camel).  These auctions are held over the Easter long-weekend and Thanksgiving long-weekendNote all information given here is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change.

sheep at innisfail auction

Jacob sheep at the Innisfail Auction

Day One – Friday

Friday sees the sale of goats, sheep, and equipment as related to goats and sheep.  Later in evening there is an auction for other items, antiques, and some caged pets (hedgehogs, snakes, parrots, and so forth).


Day Two – Saturday

Saturday is bird day.  On this day birds are sold in the order in which they arrived.  You may see anything from chickens to emus.  There may also be caged pet birds, and supplies related to keeping birds.  Hundreds of boxes are sold on this day.  Rabbits may also be sold during this auction. 

young bison at the auction

Day Three – Sunday

Sunday usually starts with a tack sale.  Then larger animals are sold, horses (miniature horses and full sized ones), exotic cattle, llamas, donkeys, and even the occasional elk, yak, or bison.


Tips For Sellers

The Innisfail Auction Market is busy, arrive early.  If you are bringing birds they must be in good boxes, and your boxes should be well labeled with what they contain.  Birds can be brought on Friday and those that require special care (finches, week old chicks) will be kept in the office.  Sheep must have their government ear tags.  Horses that are broke to ride should be ridden in the arena.  The more information given about a horse, the better, some people will make signs and attach them to the pen where their horse is prior to being sold. 

When you arrive there will usually be 3 line ups for unloading, the first is for sheep, goats, next is a drive through area for unloading horses, llamas, and cattle.  Finally there is a place for unloading birds.


Tips for Buyers

Again arrive early, the Innisfail Auction Market does not have a lot of seats.  Be fair to other buyers.  If you are not buying do not take up the front row seats.  Do not let your children stand there and block the view for buyers.  Arriving early also allows you to get your bidders number (required) and to look around.

Permits are needed for bidding on some animals such as primates and migratory birds.

birds at the auction

About the Innsifail Auction Market

Food is available on site but there are also restaurants nearby.  There is ample parking.  Purchases must be paid for before they can be removed from the auction market. 

Note that the Innisfail Odd and Unusual Auction Sale is not run by the same people that run the regular cattle and horse sales.  This is a different auction entirely.

Hours (may change in future years, but for 2015).  Friday sale starts at noon, evening sale at 6:30.  Saturday starts 10:00.  Sunday at 10:30.

All photos were taken either by myself or my husband at the Innisfail Auction Market.

4504 42 Street
Innisfail, Alberta T4G 1P6
Phone: 403 227-3166
Toll Free: 1 800 710-3166

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