Insidious 3 Review

Buy Insidious 3 at Family Video

Buy Insidious 3 at Family Video

Insidious 3 was a good prequel to sum up what happened with Elise before Insidious 1 and 2. It had nothing to do with the family we knew in the first two chapters though, as it brought new characters.

However, I will say that the storyline of Insidious 3 seemed thrown together and forced. There was a lot of clichés, including the emotional one at the end where Elise (Lin Shaye) tells Quinn and her father, Sean, that the mother that was the focus of Quinn’s mind throughout the movie will not be back in this world but she will still be with them.

Insidious 3 deals with Elise as she tries to not use her gifted psychic ability, as it has caused her problems. This is seen when Quinn comes to her for a reading, and she must stop midway through because a demon is telling her to kill Quinn. Elise then tells her not to try to talk to her dead mother anymore because “when you call the dead, they all hear.”

Elise takes a sabbatical from paranormal activity, but she is led back into it to help Quinn, who is being haunted by a demon. Originally thought as Quin’s mother, the demon is really trying to get a hold of Quinn’s body.

Elise remains consistent as the motherly character as she was in the first two insidious movies. There could have been more comedy between Tucker and Specs though. Everything else was pretty predictable.

Overall, not a bad film. It did its job to sum up the film series. I’m afraid that Insidious is done as far as sequels go now. Although there are rumors of an Insidious 4…

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