Interactive Metronome Therapy

For children with ADD/ADHD focusing in class can be a difficult task.  My son was diagnosed with ADD in the second grade.  I received constant complaints that my son was often off task, had difficulty sitting still, and was not completing classwork assignments.  I wanted to help my son, but I did not want to put him on medication. 

Over the years I searched for alternatives to medication that could help my son.  One thing that has proven to be effective is Interactive Metronome Therapy. Interactive Metronome Therapy is a research based program that helps children overcome problems with attention .  My son currently receives therapy twice a week by an occupational therapist.  

During Interactive Metronome Therapy my son wears headphones and listens to repetitive beats. The goal of the therapy is to teach him to synchronize hand and foot exercises to a computer generated beat.  My son is required to match the beat to repetitive motor actions.  Each session increasingly gets harder to stimulate the brain.  Research shows that Interactive Metronome Therapy increase a person’s ability to focus, improves coordination, and improves a person’s ability to filter out distractions. 

My son has only been receiving Interactive Metronome therapy for about 2 months, but I am already seeing positive results.  My son is completing his classwork and homework assignments.  His grades have improved from the last report card period, and I have not received notes from his teachers regarding missing assignments.  I am really pleased with the results so far and I wish I knew about it sooner.

If you are a parent looking for alternative treatments for ADD/ADHD you may want to give Interactive Metronome Therapy a try.  This therapy is provided by many speech therapists, occupational therapists, and neurologists.  The therapy can also be covered through insurance by most providers.

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