Interstellar Movie – Interstellar Novel Based On Book

Was an Interstellar novel used to create the movie? Many fans wonder if the movie Interstellar was based on a book. The idea for the sci fi movie was developed without having a book as the basis. Kip Thorne and Lydia Obst came up with the basis of the movie, the trailer for which is shown below.


Chris Nolan, Kip Thorne, Lydia Obst Interstellar

Chris Nolan, of Batman, Inception and The Prestige, also was the director for Interstellar.His next movie is scheduled to be released in July, 2017. It will be another Warner Bros film but the name has not yet been released.

The idea for the Interstellar movie was developed by Kip Thorne and Lydia Obst. They did not develop it based on a book that was already in existence. However, later on, Kip Thorne wrote a book which is a must read for fans of the Interstellar movie. Lydia worked as a co-producer on the movie.

Kip Thorne Interstellar Book

Kip Thorne is a theoretical physicist. His Interstellar book was initially published in November, 2014. It was written for people who want to know the science behind interstellar but who may not have an intense scientific background.

He worked as both the executive producer for the Interstellar movie and the scientific consultant. The film lasts for more than two hours and goes at a really fast pace. The Interstellar book by kip Thorne explores its concepts and makes the film even more interesting.

Greg Keyes Interstellar Novel

Greg Keyes Interstellar Novel is the official movie novelization and chronicles the use of the wormhole to pass through space in less time. Maybe one day that will be something we all can do on a regular basis.


Interstellar Movie - Interstellar Novel Based On Book

Interstellar Movie – Interstellar Novel Based On Book


The explorers are not just traveling through dangerous deep space for fun. Their mission is to save the planet Earth and its inhabitants. If you enjoyed experiencing the movie, the novel will make it easy to relive certain enjoyable scenes over and over again. Greg Keyes writes action scenes in a way that brings characters and visuals to life. 

Chris Nolan co-wrote the script for Interstellar with his brother, Jonathan Nolan. This Interstellar book by Kip Thorne helps fans to further understand the thinking behind the movie and why things are the way they are in the film. Fans will also enjoy this Interstellar novel. The Interstellar novel is based on the movie. The Interstellar novel was written by Greg Keyes and is a good way to experience the drama of the movie all over again.


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