Is Freelance Work for You?

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Just last week I found myself sending an application letter to a news publishing site. They were in need of news writers, and I was fortunate to have received their want ad via email. By way of introduction, I had to mention that I have been freelancing for 10 years already, not counting the freelance writing that I did in-between employment. When I hit the SEND button, the realization began to sink in: I have been freelancing for a decade now, and I’m still very much into it!

I have always known that the 9 to 5 job is not for me. I admire those who can stick to a daily routine and can deal with the same people every day. I’m often restless and seeking new things and fresh ideas from every place. This is why I have always enjoyed work as a freelance writer and reporter.  

Freelance work, however, is no bed of roses. The money that you earn is often commensurate to the amount of work you put in every day. This is why long-term freelancing entails a lot of discipline and hard work. Strong self-motivation is something that you will have to develop, and constant upgrade of skills is a must in order to keep up. 

Gaining financial independence while working freelance is also a big challenge. Many workers fail at the outset, as I did in the beginning. Eventually you will have to develop your own way of spending and saving money. And, of course, strive to have repeat clients for at least two fiscal years. 

Are you a full-time freelance worker? 

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