Is It Time to Start a Vlog?

You already know all about blogs. Short for web logs, blogs provide a way for people to share their expertise and experiences using the written word. These days, you can find a blog on just about any subject imaginable.

The thing is, blogs are so common today that it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Some enterprising individuals are kicking things up a notch by moving away from the traditional blog and creating vlogs. If you are wondering what a vlog happens to be, keep reading.

Understanding the Concept

Vlog is an abbreviated term that refers to a web log composed primarily of videos instead of text posts. When text is used, it is typically as a way to introduce the subject matter of the video. Some vloggers don’t even bother with that much text. Other than giving the video a catchy name, it is all about the video and the voices of those featured in the presentation.

Why Vlog Instead of Blog?

There is also the fact that videos tend to hold the attention of people longer than words on a screen. In a world when instant gratification is a big deal, a vlog fills a need that even a well-organized blog will not.

Business or Pleasure?

Like a blog, a vlog can be based on any subject. That makes it easy to use this format for any type of use. If you happen to own a business, create videos that spotlight how your goods or services help people. When you have a topic that is close to your heart, like supporting cancer research or encouraging people to get involved with a social issue, videos can help convey the depth of your compassion.

Give the idea of starting a vlog some thought. Try experimenting with making a couple of short videos and see what you think. Once you get started and begin to receive feedback from others, you will find this type of communication tool can be a lot of fun.

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