Is the Moleskine sketchbook still worth the purchase?

As an art journaling enthusiast I consume at least two sketchbooks in a year. And to be honest, this is already a frugal measure compared to those who can afford to do art journaling on a daily basis. I have been art journaling for over two years now and have tried a few brands of sketchbooks and artist notebooks.

Just recently I purchased a sketchbook made by Paperthinks. The online seller also had the Moleskine sketchbook at double the price. For a few days I did some comparison shopping online. I read blogger reviews and forum discussions of both Paperthinks and Moleskine sketchbooks. There are not that many reviews on Paperthinks sketchbooks yet. But what I found amazing is that all the independent reviewers seem to like the brand and actually recommend it. Paperthinks uses acid-free paper and one hundred percent recycled leather for the cover. The Moleskine sketchbook, to my surprise, has been getting mixed reviews. We know that it’s long been the favorite of artists and writers. And I confess that I’ve been yearning to own one since the day I heard of it. Apparently, though, the Moleskine sketchbooks that were manufactured from year 2000 until now no longer bear the quality of the older ones. The paper is apparently “too off-white”, the smell “rather toxic”, and the price “too costly”. These quoted observations I have gathered from bloggers and forums. Naturally, I went for Paperthinks. But perhaps someday I could afford to purchase a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook instead of the classic notebook.

Do you own a Moleskine sketchbook? Would you recommend it for art journaling?



Image credit: Stevebidmead / Pixabay

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