Is Trump a Democrat in Drag? Don Your Thinking Cap.

Critical Thinking. Not “Conspiracy.”

Do you trust this man?

Of course not. It couldn’t be.

The political class never plots and schemes. That’s just “conspiracy.” But why not open your mind to the possibility?

What would you do, if you were Hillary?

Oh, she’ll get the Democrat Party nomination. Sanders can’t stop those superdelegate party hacks stacked in her favor. But, with her corrupt dealings and shady reputation, how do you think she would fare in a general election?

Could Hillary win a two-person race?

Could Hillary win a two person race?

Sure. She can always rely on those who vote “D” every time. They’ll grumble about Sanders and fall into line. Not enough to let her roll into the office of president. She comes across to most as a witch – mean and morally bent.

Barring a miracle or extreme vote fraud, Hillary couldn’t have beaten a Dole, Bush, Romney, or McCain. In case you missed it over the past 20 years, those are the candidates the

Could Trump secretly be helping Hillary?

Trump’s friend?

Republican establishment forced on its grass-roots base. So what makes you think they’ll let

a maverick like Trump get the 2016 nomination? Like Ron Paul in 2012, it’s obvious the establishment hates him. And to stop the intelligent, widely respected Dr. Paul, they played almost every dirty trick.

Get over it, Trumpsters. There’s no way your party’s higher-ups will ever let The Donald win.

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