Is Your Success Manipulated?

Do you know why your success is being manipulated? You might think when faced with crisis it is normal.Of course not, you are wired to excel in all facets of your life. Consider for example two scenarios.
A student helps his friend in the exam by providing answers requested. He is caught in the act and demoted to take another year while his friend prods along to the next level. He is left behind. What do you think? I feel his success has been manipulated.
Again, lets look at another example. Yo work in the Oil industry and the CEO in your department has considered you for promotion. He writes the letter for your promotion but suddenly, the CEO falls ill and is rushed to the hospital. Another man replaces the CEO. He considers your letter of promotion and thinks you’re not ripe for it.He tears and that’ the end.

The are kinds of success manipulation. Do not think it’s natural. There are invisible wicked forces fighting to take what belongs to you. Would you sit back and let them take all. No! Then gear up and pray against such forces so you can claim what;s your.
All the best!

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