The Issa Mikro Baby Electric Toothbrush Is Good For Baby

Issa Mikro Baby Electric Toothbrush

Good dental hygiene starts at any age, but the younger the child the harder it is to pick the right toothbrush — and that goes triple for the youngest of children: a baby. So the solution is the $99.00 Issa Mikro Baby Electric Toothbrush.

Foreo is known for making safe and effective electric toothbrushes, but even for them the Issa Mikro is special. The brush is made from a food-grade silicone that, should a baby chew on, isn’t going to cause any annoyance or grief or aggravation or worry. Continuing the “tour” finds a lightweight and ergonomically created handle that fits well within the hand, be that a parent brushing the baby’s teeth or a young child taking it on themselves to brush (Issa recommends their “Mini” model for a child who has reached 5 years of age). The brushing itself can be done with one of two modes: a brushing mode and a massage mode. These are cycled through by pressing the single center button. Regardless of modes, the process for brushing in is the same as that when using a manual toothbrush — wide circular movements amongst the teeth at 30 seconds a quadrant (2 minutes in total). As to the toothpaste to use, that depends on the child’s age and is something the dentist will recommend.

The next order of business is what makes the toothbrush function. In this case, gentle pulses are initiated on the brush head and transferred to the teeth: there’s no spinning action whatsoever. The vibrations are more soothing as they are more in the method of “massaging” the teeth as opposed to “poking” at them — up to 6,000 pulses a minute. Aiding in this are two speed modes so that the intensity can be better tailored to the child/baby. The child can also be encouraged and “rewarded” through the “Smile Helpers” that appear once the Issa Mikro is turned on: a “Happy Face” when the 2 minutes of brushing is done, and an unhappy face if the toothbrush hasn’t been used in over 12 hours. There is also an integrated timer that lightly pulses so as to inform the user that it’s time to move onto another quadrant (it also notes the end of the 2 minute brushing time). Battery life is quite long: a one hour charge resulting in months of use before recharging is needed.

Since the medical grade silicone brushes inhibit bacteria buildup, cleaning after each brushing can be done through the simple application of rinsing beneath clean running water. It is also dishwasher safe as well as being able to be immersed in a baby bottle sterilizer (with some restrictions applied).

The Issa Mikro Baby Electric Toothbrush is designed specifically for children from 0 to 4 ears of age and retails for $85.00 It has been extensively tested so as to verify that it is free of PVC, phthalate, latex and BPA. It is also RoHS Complaint as well as having passed safety certification for CE Safety Mark. Plus it is strongly waterproof (IPX7 level). That’s not to say that one’s dentist shouldn’t be consulted as to its use, but starting with this should mean a lot less stress when pointing out that you want to use an electric toothbrush.

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