Did You Want to Be President When You Grew Up?

Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney.

No, Mitt.
Syria is NOT “Iran’s only route to the sea.”
Syria and Iran don’t share a border.
Iran has plenty of coastline.


I won’t be a gentleman about it.
This wasn’t just a gaffe.
This was BEING AN IDIOT, Mitt.

If you had been an auto mechanic or a clerk,
a factory worker or a field hand,
not knowing the geography of Iran
wouldn’t make you an idiot.

Just ignorant.

Barack Obama.

Barack Obama.

One would think
the presidency demands a deep understanding of geography 
and much more.
We’re supposed to think.

You prepared big time for the big debate, Mitt.
Looked real smart and played the part.

George Bush.

A poser idiot.

But I guess that can’t be.
After all, the US president is the most powerful person on earth,
making the most important decisions.
So they say.

Coiffed hair, single-malt slurping, silk suit,
coke-snorts on the hooker’s skin.
Elite resort golf course Richie Rich.

Man of the people Ivy League savant.
Pimps yellow snow to Eskimos.

Did you want to be president when you grew up?

Flag,, Boy

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