Jamaican Mango and Lime- Natural Hair Transition Without the Big Chop

Jamaican mango and lime are used together in some hair care lines that are designed for men and women with natural hair. Women who want to transition to their natural hair without doing the big chop usually grow their natural hair out and then cut off the processed ends.

Both mango and lime have an appealing scent, so it is not surprising that they would be used in cosmetics, if only for the fragrance. However there are other benefits to using mango and lime in hair care. These two products are both edible and can be used safely on the body. Lime juice should always be diluted before using it in hair care, unless you are applying it directly to gain highlights or lighten your tresses.



Lime Juice for Shiny Hair
In one of her articles, FullofKnowledge and ExpertsPages writer Robin Salley explains how to keep hair shiny. Her secret is simple to use and it is also affordable. Her recommendation for lustrous hair works. I tried it and I found it interesting that limes and her secret ingredient, so to speak, share a common bond. They are both slightly acidic.

Shine enhancing lime removes impurities that can make hair appear less glossy. It is also said to smooth out the hair follicle even while it leaves your hair smelling fresh. In some societies, limes have an established role as a hair conditioner and quickly remove grease and dry, flaky skin cells.

Mango for Softer Hair
Both mango butter and mango oil are used in hair treatments. It is especially popular among persons who have curly, unprocessed or natural tresses. It is also soothing and helps men and women who have dry hair as a result of dyeing their hair or using other methods of chemical processing. Several people color their hair to cover grays or to change their look but the cosmetics that are used can damage the hair and scalp both immediately and over time.


People who try to go completely natural in terms of avoiding detergents and chemical additives altogether often make their decisions on what to put in their hair based on whether the ingredient is safe for eating. Manufactured products that contain limes and mangoes may also include chemicals that help to prevent the cosmetic from deteriorating.

If you want to experience the benefits of lime and mango but are trying to avoid the preservatives, it may be better to just make your own conditioner and shampoo for natural hair at home using edible ingredients. If you want to grow out your natural hair, it is better to avoid anything that damages and dries out your hair, causing it to break easily.

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