James Brown Soul Sound Get Down Stick Around

James Brown

James Brown

Star Bright Music Right

Towers above. Thunders below.

A righteous brother. Never be another.

James Brown.

Mind’s blown.

Godfather of soul.

Hold tight.


(James Brown, 1967, Paris, “This is a man’s world”)

Born black and dirt poor. Georgia, but first Carolina South. Augusta proud.

A shoeshine boy. Lived for a time in a whorehouse.

In ’52 out of prison he swept.

Musical vision. Precision. Dance and sweat.

James Brown.

Hardest working man in show business.


(James Brown, 1964, the T.A.M.I concert, “Out of Sight”)

And here’s a bit of fodder for the much appreciated left brain now.

Right brain, cool down.

Commercial time, game show, and intermission comin’ ’round:


(To skip the commercial and enjoy more James Brown, CLICK HERE.)

Jeopardize (Hunger Board Games Version)

I’m your host. And the most. Suit and tie. No joke.

You know my name. Let’s go!

US Geography, for $100: Name all 50 states and their capitals. Elementary school stuff, unless you’re a dunce.

Death is the penalty for failure.

The last contestant standing wins the big jackpot.

Only two gone? Good. Let’s move on.

Acclaimed Writers, for $200.

Name the five leading US critics’ polled top authors and their favorite five songs, their birthdate, deathdate and wives’ names.

And husbands or significant others, as the case may be.

Just $29.99. Play it at home!


I’m the smartest, nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

Oh, by the way.

Play it yourself!

Buy the Jeopardize(TM) official Hunger Board Games. Just $29.99, comes complete. Your kids will think it’s neat.

It’s fun and green! Feel good. Do your part to not overpopulate.

Call the following 1-800 number. Amex, Mastercard, cash, checks, money-orders and Visa accepted.

US Geography again, $200 level. Name all of the states’ current governors, their political parties, and the year they were elected.

Discharge with disgrace is failure’s price. This time I’ll be nice. Sorry. You also lose a leg.

For extra credit, name all counties, county seats, and rank the states by land area, from small to large.

The reward for success is skipping five levels.

The punishment for failure is, once again, death.

Focus, as radio talk-show host Michael Medhead says, “like a laser beam.”

Fighting the culture war to keep ‘Murica the “greatest nation green God’s earth has seen.”

Hear him Monday through Friday, 6-9pm EST, On all CleanChannel radio affiliates.

Time’s up!

Have fun, left brain, stage left. ‘Nuff said.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion next week.

Study up, contestants!

Remember. The last one standing gets rich!

The rest get out of debt.

More James Brown, up ahead.

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