Well guys, do you know anything about the title of my post today?

Jeremy Jahns is a movie critique and he has a youtube channel. He posts his movie reviews as youtube videos. He is one of the most popular movie reviewer online and kind of a huge youtube sensation. I started watching his videos and reviews just few months back and liked it a lot. His choice of movies are somewhat similar to mine and his reviews are very true only most of the time. The USP of his videos showing reviews are that he his very funny. He has a very funny and unique way of giving reviews. That’s what makes him different from other critics in youtube.

He has a lot subscribers in Youtube and slowly slowly he is becoming more and more popular. His videos showing top 10 best and worst movies of the year is too good. That’s what made me like him in the first place. When I saw his best movies of 2010, I found that his choice and mine are almost similar. So I started following him. You guys and also check him out friends. I am sure you will love him.

Before starting a Youtube channel he used to work as a projectionist in  a movie theater but after his Youtube channel got popular he left his job. And now he doesn’t need to go for a job because of this. He has become a big Youtube legend.

His videos are pretty simple. With not much graphics or Animations or anything costly. With a simple red background with him standing in front of the camera and talking about movies. The way he tells things is what makes his videos really good and unique.

Do check out some of his videos friends and let me know about your views on him. I have become a big fan of him. SO I am very eager to know your comments.

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