Jessa Seewald supports ‘Loving Choices’: An awareness program for women

Jessa Seewald supports ‘Loving Choices’ An awareness program for women 1 Jessa Seewald Instagram

Jessa Seewald/ Instagram

Jessa Seewald is expecting her first child any day now. Her due date is the first of November, which as many fans know is also her first wedding anniversary with Ben Seewald. Within days, Jessa will be giving birth to a beautiful little baby; she will also be celebrating her twenty-third birthday that falls on November fourth and wedding anniversary. It will be a full week for her and Ben. Even though Jessa has so much on her plate she still found time to inquire about other ways she may be able to help others in need of mentoring, health advice and assistance in future planning.

Jessa Seewald took part in a fundraising program called the “Loving Choices” just recently. The organization is comprised of counseling for women who are expecting, will teach them about pregnancy care as well as provide testing for diseases that are sexually transmitted. This program will help many women expecting children to get through their pregnancies and learn how to care for themselves as well as their children once they are born.

Loving Choices has other programs that are also available to women who want to participate in such as abortion recovery, adoption planning, provides assistance for teens who believe they might be pregnant or have become pregnant plus a care center mentoring program. They offer free ultrasounds and pregnancy testing, provide sessions for women who have had a miscarriage or are considering an abortion and also provides testing for STD/STI for anyone who may have or is worried about having contracted herpes, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, HIV and trichomonaisis.

The mission statement of Loving Choices sums up what they do and offer, making choices and awareness possible for women of all ages. “To provide outstanding counseling and limited medical services to any woman who may find herself experiencing a reproductive health crisis, whether it is an unplanned pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. We give unconditional care to preserve and protect human life so our clients can find hope.”

All the programs, testing, health issues and services are afforded to individuals who need help with their pregnancy and decisions they may make for the future. Mentoring can be short or long-term depending upon an individual’s needs as well as education in parenting. All services are confidential and they omit all traces of religion and political views, their programs are for women to help them make their own life choices and obtain the information, assistance and guidance that might not be provided following other avenues.

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