Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother isn’t always easy. What do you get that is affordable, not too impersonal and beautiful all at the same time?

Jewelry is extremely popular for Christmas gift ideas, but there’s just so much to choose from. How do you pick something? While I want something affordable for my sister and mom, I also want something that is good quality. There’s nothing worse than only spending a couple of dollars on something that will lose its color within days and cause allergic reactions.

Here are two great ideas that offer everything you could need for jewelry Christmas gift ideas for her.

Silver Crescent Moon With Swarovski Elements

Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

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Swarovski is my favorite place to go shopping. Jewelry from there can be extremely expensive, which is why I love finding companies selling items that have elements from the crystal company. The crystals always shine and glisten, whether you’ve paid a couple of dollars for them or spent hundreds of dollars on them.

Amazon has a silver crescent moon with Swarovski elements, which caught my eye instantly. I do prefer silver jewelry over gold because there is less chance of it reacting with skin oils (too many bad experiences of fingers turning green from fake gold rings). It also works with my complexion better than yellow gold.

Lily Jewelry is offering this crescent moon with an 18” chain. It’s not the typical chain-link necklace, but a higher quality one so it’s less likely to get damaged accidentally.

It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry for the price, and plenty of Amazon reviewers agree. The best part is the simple design really catches the eye because of the single Swarovski element in the middle.

Four Leaf Clover With Swarovski Elements

Yes, this is another with Swarovski crystals, but this has a few more than the crescent moon above. There are different colors available, so something to suit all tastes and even birthstones.

Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Image from Amazon

There are two full, large crystals making up two single leaves and a single silver one. The fourth has a mixture of small colored and silver crystals, definitely making it glisten more in the light. Right in the middle is a small crystal in the color of the two large ones.

The chain length is 19” and sturdier than a typical necklace. There are plenty of reviewers on Amazon highly recommending it for its quality and beauty. There is also a necklace and earring set to really give a gift that’ll be remembered.

These are definitely two of my favorite pieces of jewelry on Amazon for Christmas gift ideas for her. They work for close friends, family members and that special someone in your life.

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