After The Job Is Done – The Review

That’s it, the job is finished, no more to do. In fact, there is one last step that is nearly always forgotten but which is highly important for the development of the team and making sure jobs go well in the future – the review.

After every job you do, even if it is only you involved, review what went right and what went wrong. On a scrap of paper write “what went well” and “what could be improved.” It will take no more than five minutes. List under each heading the parts of the job that fit into each category and then use those in the “what could be improved” category as areas to improve performance in the future.

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It is very easy to extend this to simple jobs done by other people on your team – even if you do not actually get involved in the work yourself. At the end of each job, get their feedback by asking what went well and what do they think could be improved. This will only take a few minutes, but the benefits can be substantial – new and better ways of working, increased motivation because you showed you valued the individual’s opinion and the increased chance of more feedback in the future.

It is also possible to get each team member to do the process themselves for each task they carry out to help themselves think about the jobs they do.

If they have any good ideas, they can pass them on to you. If you can build a culture where everyone considers all the jobs they do and looks for ways to do better, your team will improve in leaps and bounds. Feedback is essential in complex team tasks where you may not see everything that is going on. Someone may have noticed a point that you need to know about. They may not even realize that it is important, but you need to have this information, and the end of task review is the ideal place to bring everyone’s thoughts together.

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While it is still fresh in people’s minds, ask each of them to report on how their part of the job went and if they can think of any way it could be improved. Team leaders who try this are normally surprised by the number of good ideas that emerge. If there is no single large task to review, then have a regular team meeting to discuss how the normal multitude of small jobs went that week. Again, experience shows that ideas to help improve performance often come up at such meetings.

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