Journey to Financial Freedom

Start of my Journey to Financial Freedom

Last Friday evening, I attended a seminar on personal financial management given by the Truly Rich Club or TRC . The seminar was about earning extra money through, entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing and investing in the stock market.   My journey to my financial freedom began in that seminar.

 Three Ways To Earn 

In the seminar, three ways were taught to earn extra income;

  1. Be an entrepreneur– not necessarily to be a big entrepreneur, but one can start a small one and make it grow as time goes by.  There is a high risk though, one business could be successful or fail. The risk of failure, though, is always part of doing business. What is important is don’t give up. When a business fails, find a way to start all over again with a new business. You might lose some money at first, but perseverance always pays off.
    If you have a full time job like me, you don’t need to quit is to start a small business. Managing your time would be a bit more challenging though.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – perhaps one of the most common source of income for bloggers and website owners. But it doesn’t mean you need to be a computer whiz in order to earn from this. To give you an overview of this concept– if you have website or a blog, you could be an ‘affiliate’ by advertising the products of a merchant or another marketing site like Amazon, Lazada , etc., on your site. It does not necessarily mean though that you need a complicated website to do this. You can do this on your Facebook account.I admit it is not that easy , but it is not that difficult as well. I will discuss further on affiliate marketing on my personal website on the coming days.
  3. Invest in the Stock Market –  some you may think investing in the stock market is only for the rich. Maybe, a decade ago that was the fact. These days, even a household helper could invest in the stock market.  If you don’t believe me, click the link at the bottom of this post.
    It is true though that almost anyone these days can start investing in the stock market. All you need is to send your  PHP 5,000.00 to me…  
    Just kidding —  I mean the “send to me” part. What is not a joke is the PHP 5,000.00 start up investment  (That’s just a little more than $110.00), and an account at COL Financial!

 These ways however, are not GET-RICH-QUICK schemes. The main factor to get rich aside from earning lots money is effective management of your money – or effective finance management.  And  NO, you don’t need a finance manager to do that. In Truly Rich Club,  you will learn how to manage your own money as well.


As part of this journey to financial freedom, I started to created my personal blog which I called  Be Free!  I named it that because I want to be free financial … meaning free from bad debts, and I want to share my journey to financial freedom.


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