The joy of Being Surrounded by Positive Energy

Positive energy helps create a better environment . Oh what joy it is to be surrounded by positive energy. To experience the gifts that was given by our Heavenly God. When we fill the days with some positivity. We’ll make more progress and function better. Negativity takes a lot out of human beings. That’s why it’s better to limit time in negative and chaotic environments. 

There’s a lot of negativity online. That’s why  it’s healthy to power the devices down and feel the serenity. A smile generated when we distance ourselves from negative people. Some will always be negative. We can choose to ignore or choose to move forward. Life shouldn’t be filled with trying to please everyone. That’s how negativity creeps in. We about our way doing what we love and focus on the splendid things in life. 

Perhaps enjoying a good book or even writing a book. If it’s positive then it’s a healthy activity. No matter what we do there always be some negativity around. There will always be disagreements and resistance. We simply don’t ave to engage in the negatives. We may not be able to totally avoid negative environments but we can limit time in the environments. That’s one of the mentally healthy choices. 

It’s important to protect the mind. Staying too long in chaotic environments can weaken the mind. Removing toxic people out of our lives can help keep us motivated and “rejuvenated.” Listening to music is a great way to release some negative energy. We should feel and be relaxed while trying to accomplish tasks. It’s hard to get a lot of work done when being tense. Negativity will certainly generate some tension. 

Some will try to intentionally create chaotic environments for others. We’ll notice exactly who they are. No matter how much is accomplished. The energy will create havoc. So we should find ways to release the negative thoughts that can be generated when coming in contact with toxic people. Spending less time in such environments is an excellent choice. 

Never allow the negatives to discourage elevation. Positive and happy people are a joy to be around. Allowing joy to make its way in environments just feels right. Allowing peace in our lives is important. Positive thinking generates better outcomes. There will akways be some negativity but we have a choice whether to always be surrounded by the negatives. Positive environments help produce better results. The ones who are constantly negative aren’t very effective. Light in a dark place helps a whole lot. 

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“Let the Light Shine Through and Continue With her Works.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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