The Joys of Knowing an Introvert


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Have you ever met someone who seems to be quiet and shy, and doesn’t seem to want or need to be in the company of a whole lot of people? Do they seem to find being around large crowds to be exhausting or even upsetting? Are they friendly enough, but at the same time, seem aloof? If so, you may have met an introvert.

Someone with an #introverted personality tends to not need to have a lot of friends, but the #friendships they form can be very strong, as they work hard at them and are usually extremely loyal. They often have a great capacity for concentration, and work hard to achieve their goals, often finding it easier to do so either alone or in a small group. They do tend to be quiet, but not every introvert is like this. Some tend not to speak a lot, but when they do, they can be very outspoken.

Many #introverts find being in the “in’ crowd to have little appeal. This can come off as snobbishness or even unfriendliness, when that is not the case. They simply don’t feel the need to be around lots of people. Some may find that socializing is difficult, as they don’t have the desire to fit in with the #mainstream, and will often march to the beat of their own drum.

I’ve seen this labelled as “#aspergers”, but it’s not the same. I have two daughters, and one is an #introvert while the other has aspergers. In many ways they are very different. While neither has much of a desire to go along with the crowd, my daughter with aspergers doesn’t “get” social situations, social cues, etc., while my introvert does, and she is actually quite good at socializing and has a few very close friends. My daughter with aspergers finds large groups frightening, overwhelming to her senses, and even emotionally draining, while the one who’s an introvert finds them tiring. She does, however, become energized by being around her close friends.

Introverts have many gifts to share with those who take the time to get to know them. They are often extremely #intelligent, #creative, loyal and capable of very deep emotions. Make friends with an introvert, and you’ve likely found a friend for life who will do anything for you. As they are not given to pretences or jumping on the bandwagon, with them, what you do see is what you get, and they are honest. They don’t tend to appreciate false praise, but very much value it when it’s honestly given. If they are in the right environment, they will work very hard, and are diligent and dependable. They also often have a sharp wit and great sense of #humour, , which can make them very fun to be around.

With so many positive traits, introverts play a valuable role in the functioning of #society. The world is a better place for them.




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