More Than Just Light With The Beacon Emergency Flashlight

Beacon Emergency Flashlight
Halloween is all about being in the dark, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be light when trick or treating. This is also true when just walking down the street to visit neighbors and friends after dark. So whether on foot or in a car, having a flashlight can be of aid should there be a problem or just the need to see. But considering that this is the 21st Century and smartphones are part of the mix, it would help if the flashlight did more than just illuminate what it’s aimed at. So get more with the Beacon Emergency Flashlight which, despite the name, is useful when things are quiet and not serious too.

The Beacon gives you a high-powered beam of light — 100-120 lumens which translates into bright, bright, bright. If the situation warrants it, it can be used to break open a window in a car.. And again, if in an emergency when outside the car or on foot, the light can be turned into an SOS red LED flashing sequence whose three “flare” modes call attention.

Being of a good size, it makes sense that there’s a strap to keep in wrapped around the hand, but the weight would seem out of proportion to an LED flashlight. Not true in this case because a powerbank is built-in; this 5200 mAH rechargeable battery provides power to the lighting, but is also of use for charging a smartphone through a USB connector. So whether on foot or in the car, a fast charge to what is now essential — a smartphone — can be had. And since the powerbank is not puny, charging other items like tablets, digital cameras and portable game systems, among others, becomes possible on-the-go too.

There’s a few more things about the Beacon Emergency Flashlight that is worth noting. The cylindrical shape is not unexpected for a flashlight, but its kind of curved too, which makes it easy to stand up. Helping this along is the addition of a powerful magnet in the base — so it can be adhered to objects or, more likely in the case of a car, the top of the trunk, hood or roof. A series of little LEDs keep you advised of the power level, and the switch is an easy press. The price is easy too — it retails for $39.99.

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