Karen Kingsbury #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Karen Kingsbury and her inspiring stories

Karen Kingsbury is a well-known author that is admired by many that have read her inspiring stories. Her style of writing is one of a kind in my opinion.  Her stories are of romantic nature as far as I know and have learned about. Are special and ones you will never forget Karen Kingsbury novels are written respectfully about the characters she has designed?  I have not read but one of her books.’ The Chance’ is the one I read. I am not going to give a review about this book because I wrote a review about it for another site. I just wanted to write about the character behind her amazing novels. Many women want to read stories about love and romance and how it all worked out with God’s guidance. Her stories are ranked high when it comes to best sellers.

Karen Kingsbury writes novels that are believable and full of compassion. After I read my first and only books of her so far, I knew I would have a smile across my faith every time I picked one of her novels to read. I have read many romance novels in my life. I can honest tell all her readers that if you are thinking about reading one of her novels be prepared you may find yourself not wanting to put it down for long. Karen Kingsbury is more than just an author, she inspires people to have faith no matter how impossible the situation may seem. I have a feeling this author would advise  people to never say  the word never.

Karen Kingsbury and her faith.

There are other great novelists out there I am sure of that, however, Karen Kingsbury is in a league all of her own.  As I was reading one of her novels I would remind myself about how God’s wants his people to have faith.  Through faith, all things are possible in this world. You may not know how the story of your life will continue but rest assured God has a plan for your life.

The chance to start over is all about change, and how amazing things can turn out with faith in front of you and in the back of you. Faith is something I feel Karen wants her readers to embrace hand in hand with her while reading anyone of her novel. She wants to help people turn to faith instead of doubt in my opinion.

The Chance’ novel is the only one I have read and wrote a review about. I wonder what other readers are saying about the book. All of Karen Kingsbury’s novels are great I have heard. I cannot wait to start reading another one of her novels. I know I better have the time to at least read a few chapters every day. If I could not find enough time to read I would be lost in the story.

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