Karla Mosley snubbed by Daytime Emmys


The Daytime Emmy pre-nominations were revealed today. Many of daytime’s hottest stars are on the list to score a nomination and a chance to claim the gold. While many actors and actresses are celebrating, fans are abuzz on social media over one actress, whose name wasn’t on the list.

Karla Mosley, whose was at the center of one of The Bold and the Beautiful’s top stories last year, wasn’t nominated.

Yes, that’s correct. Not nominated.

At first, I had to re-read through the list to make sure I was seeing it correctly. As I looked over it the third time, double-checking the Lead Actress and Supporting Actress category, I then realized that Mosley was robbed.

After the remarkable performance Karla Mosley put on this year as it was revealed that Maya was transgender, many, including myself believed she was a lock to receive a nomination and walk away with an Emmy. This was the most talked about moment from last year so how can daytime’s biggest awards show not give her some recognition.

The Daytime Emmys has had some questionable nominations and winners in the past. This year with them not nominating Karla Mosley is just another head-scratching moment in the show’s history.

While Mosley may not have gotten a nomination, she should be proud of the work she’s done with this incredible story. She’s cemented her status as one of the show’s new leading ladies and gained a legion of fans.

I’m looking forward to more amazing performances from her and hopefully, one day she’ll get a nomination for all her hard work.

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