How to Keep the Composure When Dealing With Aggressive Behavior

Well there seems to be a lot of dysfunctional behaviors which certainly “need” to receive some consequences. In some cases perhaps there may be some. The key is to remove the negative thoughts when the behaviors are taking place. There are some who choose to misbehave on a continuous basis. Where there’s competition there will be a lot of chaos. The ones who are overly competitive will probably cause the most problems. For some they’re trying to find a way to gain or to take away what a person is working towards. There maybe lots of insults thrown around and that’s why it’s so important to think positively. 

There are some who are dealing with issues in which need some professional attention. They’re actions may continue unless there’s some intervention. There has to be ways to stay mentally intact. Avoiding some may help and tuning out will certainly keep some of the negative “expressions” out. Of course there comes a time when one must face some of the rudest people. Some are quite mean and will say just about anything to try and make others feel bad. For some their actions are due to their own insecurities. Envy can cause a lot of people to go crazy. 

There appears to be a lot of hate and competition. Some competitors will try to cause harm to their competition. They’ll try to ruin their reputation and try to make the person or persons feel bad about themselves. It’s puzzling why some choose to be so mean and hateful. The goal is to achieve so what’s being said isn’t “worth the time”. Pay no mind. Some may throw up the middle finger and tell some folks exactly where they should go. 

It’s better to try and stay focused and be composed. Not allow what they’re actions to cause a cease. Some will continue on and for some they’ll continue their behavior until they’re unable to speak. There are some who may “become” so annoyed with the fact that some people appear to be quite ignorant. It can be rough having to deal with some of the individuals but stay on track. Some will try to cause disconnections and try and make a person snap. 

It’s really sad to see any group of people behave in such a manner. To be so evil and not consider how their actions can actually cost their freedom. Ignorance lives with so many. Their own mindset is to cause a decline for others. Some not wanting  to see others rise up so they’ll come up with some sneaky plan to try and get the individuals to stop “making progress.” There has to be some strength in order to continue on with a goal. dream, or vision. 

Don’t stop. Never allow what others are trying to do to stop the excelling. Some choose to be mean because they’re so use to being the center of attention and when the light is shinning on others they’ll become angry. No matter what they’re expressing don’t have a defeated attitude. Be victorious. Keep being confident and continue on. For some they’re reminded of not living their dreams and they’re rather try to hold others back. “I’m Continuing on and Will Remain Confident. That’s Right!” BY; Tanikka Paulk

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