“Keep Love Alive” in response to the unrest in America since the election

Keep Love Alive

Outside the Federal Building in Eugene Oregon

I spent some time today sitting outside the Federal Building in Eugene Oregon. My sign saying, “Keep Love Alive” in respond to the unrest in America since the election.

One man will never change my values, one man will not change the love in my heart. One man will not stop me from feeling love for my fellow countrymen and women. Whether they are black or white, gay or straight, woman or man.

Love is stronger than hate and after we all take a deep breath and we begin to move forward, we will see the America that is represented by all the diverse people in this great country. It’s our strength, our bond with each other. Nothing or no one will change that.

And as I sat there in my wheelchair I started to see the faces of the people driving by, and they were smiling back at me or giving me a thumbs up or beeping their horns. I was there when people were driving and walking across the Ferry St Bridge on their way to the Duck’s Football Game. But even better than that were the children on their school bus that drove by. The driver waved and he drove by real slow so the children could read my sign.

It was in that moment that I realized just why it was important for me to be out there. It was for those children. And if I changed just one child’s heart today. That made it all worthwhile.

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