Key West Cuisine Cuban Sandwich

Key West Cuisine – Cuban Sandwich

Key West Cuisine mainstays are the Cuban Mix Sandwich and Key Lime Pie. Those two items are one big reason people come to that part of the Florida Keys.  More than a century ago, Cuban workers brought their tastes for food with them when they came to work in the shipbuilding and fishing industries. As the workers migrated north, this sandwich became famous all the way to Tampa, Florida.

The Key West Cuban Sandwich consists of the following common characteristics, common to all Cuban Sandwich varieties sold in the state of Florida. That commonality is specific ingredients pressed together inside a long, fresh baked bread roll. From one cafe or restaurant to another, all along the coast of Florida, each establishment has their own way of preparing the Cuban Sandwich mix using Swiss Cheese, Ham, Roast Pulled Pork, and a dill pickle. Since writing this post, I have found various editions of the famous Cuban Sandwich in places all over America. Each has tried their best to duplicate the Key West style for sales of that famous sandwich. The real Cuban Sandwich was originally called the Cuban Mix Sandwich when that recipe started being sold in the Florida Keys.

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Key West Dessert – Key Lime Pie

Key West Cuisine Key Lime PieAnother special feature of Key West culinary pride is Key Lime Pie. Originally this was a pie made with special small tart limes from the Florida Keys. The yellow Key Lime juice caused a chemical reaction with the fresh eggs and condensed milk that causes thickening of the ingredients without baking. Fresh whipped egg white meringue is a required topping to make this a special Conch Key Lime Pie. I have enjoyed Key Lime Pie all over the United States and abroad. I can honestly say that while all were very enjoyable, none of them matched the Key Lime Pie that is an integral part of the cuisine of Key West.

Information Link – Key Lime Pie Recipe 

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