Kins Domain in the Desert

Shortly after relocating to the hot, dry, sandy Arizona desert, friends informed me that there is a ‘farm’ on the side of the mountain that sells fresh produce. So I took a ride up and learned that it is actually a kins domain. Fortunately for me, there was someone there who was eager to tell me all about kins domains.

Kins Domain in the Desert

Apple, fig, peach and quince trees.

What is a Kins Domain?

A kins domain is a plot of land owned and maintained by a family or group of relatives who wish to live a sustainable lifestyle. The goal of a kins domain settlement is to provide all the basic needs including food, water and shelter for the entire family. Most kins domains are about 2.5 acres, as this is a size that can accommodate all their needs yet it is manageable without the use of heavy duty farming equipment, pesticides or chemicals. A properly maintained kins domain can produce everything from food to wood to burn for warmth in the winter. The whole idea is eco-friendly and self-sufficient.

On that first visit I was given a tour of the land. There are grapevines, fig trees, quince trees, a cabbage patch, peaches, pistachios, cherries, pomegranates, apples and so much more. I was ecstatic to find such a treasure so close to home.

After the tour I asked if I could buy some of the produce, although I hadn’t seen anything on display or anyplace where something might be displayed. The gentlemen asked me if I had any bags. I did have some in the car. He said, well get your bags and fill them with anything that has already fallen off the trees. I filled two plastic bags (the supermarket kind) with quince, pomegranates, figs and apples that I picked up from the ground. Then I walked around trying to find him again and asked how much I owed him for this fantastic bounty. He said you don’t owe me anything because you picked it up off the ground, then he pulled a red cabbage out of the ground and put it in my bag. Talk about ecstatic!

Fresh fruit and vegetables from the tree to my kitchen…it doesn’t get any better than that!

These quince will be ready in a few weeks.


There is also a very old hippie bus on the property for nostalgic memorabilia.  I thought that was worth mentioning!

The Old Dead Bus
Dead Bus3

Above photos by Candy Dorsey

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