Know-Hows of an Investment Banking Career

A high money making field, investment banking is attracting professionals rapidly nowadays. And if we look at the steep salaries, amazing benefits and the expensive lifestyle that comes along with an investment banking job, it will all make sense that why people are so eager to become a part of this field.

Banking Career

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What does an investment banker do?

Investment bankers deal in selling and buying of securities in order to help companies as well as governments for generating wealth. A part of their job responsibilities is to use equity & debt securities for raising funds. Moreover, when any acquisitions, mergers or other forms of financial transactions happen, investment bankers are the ones who provide all the relevant information about organizations during these processes.

When companies require gaining funds, investment banks assist them in creating effective strategies to do so. In a case like this, investment bankers have to use their convincing skills to make the investors offer funds to an organization. And in return, the investors receive an equity share from the company.

A company needs to make investors interested in their stocks to make them provide funds. So, investment bankers are given the responsibility of establishing a company’s value position which makes it easier for them to draw investors towards a company’s stocks.

There are many facets to an investment banker’s role. They work on the behalf of companies trying to look for partners for more liquidity. Sometimes they also become the representatives of organizations that wish to take control over another firm. To manage all of this, investment bankers have to possess a proper understanding of all the involved parties.

What the ways of becoming an investment banker?

Investment banking is no cake walk. Organizations mostly prefer hiring professionals for critical positions with good years of experience in handling big projects. However, if you are an undergrad student who is taken up a finance related course, it is essential for you to ensure that your performance throughout the curriculum is top notch.

Most of the potential investment bankers have degrees and certifications in finance, accounting or business. But the trend is changing as investment banks have begun to recruit people with qualifications in technical subjects like mathematics, physics as well as economics. Furthermore, some organizations are very particular about whom they hire and only give a chance to people from highly reputed universities to work for them.

Combining a few years of experience in the investment banking field with a relevant financial certification is also a great way for getting a higher level position in an investment bank. This option is appropriate for people who have been working in this field for quite some time now and wish to attain higher and better responsibilities.

Apart from gaining a qualification, an investment banking jobs aspirant should work on their resume as well. Which requires you to achieve something beyond academics. So, going for a summer internship to a renowned banking and financial company in order to get an excellent recommendation is the perfect way to get an investment banking job.

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