Laser Chess Is Like Chess But With Lasers

In chess the strategy is to capture the King. In Laser Chess, it’s the same thing but done with lasers. Because lasers make everything more fun. So the Laser Chess board game combines strategy with lasers and wraps it all up in fun. This is ThinkFun’s take on chess, but another way to look at it is that it’s a strategic take on laser attack.

Just as in regular chess, you have a number of pieces that go on the board. Being a 2 player game, each player has the same number and type of pieces — how they maneuver around on the board is all about the person and his/her strategy and conceptual view of what to do. As in chess, each player takes a turn making a move. The difference here though is that the player can also press the laser piece (battery powered) which stays in place but rotates. What will happen now is that the laser will “move” around the board — seeking out the other player’s King. If it hits it, the King illuminates to show the player owning it that the game is now lost. But in game play, if the laser bouncing around strikes a piece of the opposing player correctly, then it gets removed from the board.

That’s the simple sounding part, but it’s in the playing that the blue and red team have to use their smarts. The pieces that are making their way around the board aren’t all the same there are pieces that have mirrors on both sides and so if hit with the laser reflect the beam and so redirect the light in a new direction; there are pieces which deflect the beam; there are pieces which block the beam. Obviously how these pieces are positioned will affect the path of the laser light, and its in the maneuvering of the player’s pieces that will affect whether the laser can hit the opposing player’s King or not.

Unlike maze type games in which the pieces are positioned in a predetermined manner, Laser Chess will never become predictable. Or simple to win. Because it will always rely on strategy and precise thinking in order to place one’s pieces so that they can accomplish their goal. And of course, there’s the lasers. The board game retails for $39.99.

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