Last Shift movie review

Click here to buy Last Shift at Family Video

Click here to buy Last Shift at Family Video

Last Shift, with a lone starring role, Jessica (played by Juliana Harkovy, also known for roles in The Walking Dead), is a unique twist on John Carpenter’s film Assault on Precinct 13.

Last Shift is well played in that only has one main character throughout, and the rest are just supporting roles. This is rarely done in movies because there is always more than one victim, and more characters build the story up. In this case, Jessica is fighting the supernatural alone in the police station, which has seen better days. Since the setting is in a police station, the atmosphere is dark and without a reliance on special effects. The whole scenery shows creativity on the director’s part.

Juliana Harkovy looked natural in her role throughout, even when she was losing composure because of the surroundings. Personally I thought she had a familiar look to her, as far as rookie cops in shows go. I thought of Jennifer Penton from Boston’s Finest, but I think it was just the pony tail.

There are no cheap scares that make you jump out of your chair. It is more suspense than anything, with the exception of a couple of parts. I will not name them though because the movie has just come out, so I do not want to ruin it for anyone.

Jessica is a rookie police officer, and she is assigned her first night shift on the last shift of this closing police station. Everything starts natural until she gets a phone call, which is a reoccurring theme for the night. The story’s pace is steady and natural, and all questions are answered at the end of the movie, leaving the viewer to feel fulfilled after watching it.

Last Shift hits theatres on October 6, 2015. Get your ticket and popcorn ready. Last Shift is a must watch movie for Halloween 2015!

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