Leadership and Bravery

A strong leader will withstand some of the most chaotic conditions. Facing adversity head on and refusing to back down. A lot of people refuse to accept change and we all know that female leaders will have a tougher time in their positions than men. In fact men will resist and try to create havoc for female leaders. Not only men but women who have never held a leadership role may be a bit intimidated by a female being charge of anything at all. A strong leader will take the punches and keep going. 

No amount of backlash or insulting words should force any leader to stop supplying their leadership skills. There will be a lot of resistance but courage is necessary. Every leader has came under attack. When working in the Public School System. There was a Principal who was very stern with his employees and some weren’t too thrilled with his leadership skills. The Principal was in the military and used his military training with his employees but not realizing that the military and an Elementary School are two different settings. 

The leadership skills should have adapted to an Elementary setting. The Principal faced harsh criticism but refused to transfer. After some time a meeting was held and not long after the Principal had to relocate. In fact the Principal was encouragement. He said, “Mrs. Paulk I see you in a Leadership Position.” His strong leadership skills,was encouragement. Furthering my skills was necessary and obtaing degrees was a must. Because of the Principal and other leaders. I’ve obtained training and other skills. Some may be unwilling to do so because of fear. 

There’s a lot of people who won’t accept leadership roles because of fear of failure. We all have setbacks and some may consider setbacks as failure but we’re entitled to our own opinions. Any leader must understand that being in such a position isn’t easy. At times it’s so demanding and tough. Breaks are certainly a great reward. Leaders must learn how to deal with certain situations and conditions. There will be days that so many challenges come all at once and a leader must make the decision to deal with the challenges all at once or break the challenges down. 

Strong leaders won’t be intimidated by what others have to say. Not saying that some of the criticism isn’t concerning but a leader must move forward despite the circumstances. Some intentionally challenge leaders. Either they’re trying to assist in some way or they’re intimidated by a leader’s qualities. Doesn’t matter about the reasons. Strong leaders will keep “making progress” no matter what arises. 

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Author Notes: The Article is a Life Experience Article. Actual Events. The Article is Written By: Tanikka Paulk.  “Observation, Knowledge, and Applying the Skills are Necessary When it Comes to “Leadership.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

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