Learning iMovie So I Can Vlog; 3 Sleeps

Tonight I got out the new iPhone iMovie so I can Vlog this trip. I want and need learn what I would and wouldn’t be able to do with this new gadget. Before you think I am some youngster this is my 60th year on earth. Learning new technology ten years ago was much easier then, But then again, now that I look back it was simpler. Well, Mac’s were simpler, I seldom accuse Windows of being simple. 

I made a very short and totally laughable video. It’s what I do best. I try to figure out what I could have done, what I should have done (combed my hair and maybe found some make-up) but in the true nature of discovery, I continued on. I will take a magnifying glass so I can get the spellings on the videos correct. IMovie Mobile doesn’t have spellcheck.

People often want to know how I learn how to do things. I get the new toys out and play with them. That’s the only way I know how to do it. I can read a book and try or I can go for it. Anymore I go for it and then when that doesn’t work? I go read a book. 

My first thought after taking a short video was WOW.

My second thoughts were things like, how do I:

  • insert a pic
  • make it do transitions
  • make that darn title shorter
  • use colorization
  • sign in and upload

or what happens when I? 

  • press this
  • insert that
  • move this
  • move that? 

OH, it won’t move that. Oops. That will certainly be a pain in my assets. I can’t see that well to do this? I need to work on that.



To not have a title play the same all the way through one must cut and then split the video. I wasn’t ready for that wrinkle. You can insert a pic, it makes itself a certain length but I never could figure out if  I could change or enhance that length. I wasn’t going to share this video but it makes me laugh. Hope it does you also. 

Thing I did tonight to learn iMovie are all things I didn’t want to learn the first day or night on the road as I was trying to set up my tent, take pictures or something else. Most of you know you usually get to hear my voice and look at slides or pics. After seeing me again without makeup? I am pretty sure we can plan on that being a blog pattern again. 

The uploading (the amount of time it took to upload) seemed to take forever. Maybe I should have shut off one of the videos I had going. I may have to do that at a McDonalds or at some other place I will curl up to use the wifi. 

I finish working on the route tomorrow. Google maps once again was one of the reasons I wanted to roll my eyes. They now seem to only want to route me where there are businesses. I am more of a mountain person myself. I will have to take a map or two but I have had to do that before and I survived. 

My excitement is building. I love to travel and explore waterfalls. Those are my goals for this trip. 3 Sleeps.

Crotchety Chrome Motorcycle Diva

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