Legitimate Paying Writing Website: Paid By Day2DayTips Again!

You’ve been sent a payment by….

Don’t you just love when you get one of those emails?

Cause as a work at home momma, I know I do!


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If you are someone who liked/likes writing for Bubblews and you are someone who likes writing for Daily Two Cents, I do not see why you wouldn’t be someone who likes writing for Day2DayTips.

So, What is Day2DayTips Anyway?

Day2DayTips is a bit of a unique shared revenue website due to the fact that they call the articles published on the site. As a writer, you are referred to as a “motivator”. I do like the level of uniqueness the site has. They have a point system. The point system is a bit of a surprise/mystery until the first person on the site manages to reach a new level.

To answer your questions, you need 35,001 points to reach level 2.” (who is level 2 two announcement)

Not going to lie, I have my eye on that level five status. (Level five offers weekly payments and everyone loves weekly payments). I’d love to think the points needed to reach that level are fairly high. So, I would have a decent portfolio of articles bringing in some decent income by that point in time. 

There are definitely some things the site could do to be a little more transparent. Overall, I’m happy with my earnings and glad I decided to sign up for Day2DayTips. I’ve been paid every month since I signed up. Cannot complain about that!

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