Lenten Season, Religiosity and Cultural Traditions

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, which marks the one-week observance of the Lenten week.

On Palm Sunday, Roman Catholics bring palm fronds or olive leaves which they sway and shake when the priest enters the church. They are reenacting the way the faithfuls greeted Jesus as he entered Jerusalem during the height of his popularity before he died on the cross. (This is based on biblical history).

During the Lenten Week, people visit different churches to pray the Way of the Cross. It is so beautiful to look at families bonding together praying the rosary, even young people huddled together in prayer.

Aside from church visits, there is the “Pabasa” (reading) of the book called “Pasyong Mahal” (Beloved Passion). It is a book composed of verses that tells of the life and death of Jesus Christ and his great love for mankind. People read by chanting/singing it. The whole book is being sang continuously until all the verses were sung.

Young people also join in chanting/singing. It is a tradition passed through the ages. They said they feel good singing about Jesus Christ, and many regard it as a way of forgiveness of their sins.

Food are being served the guests by the sponsors or by the family who hosts the “Pabasa.”

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