Should you let your dog sleep with you?

People have mixed opinions over whether to let their dog sleep with them. Questions such as: Will the dog see me as a pack leader? Am I encouraging bad behaviors in my dog? As an expert on raising dogs, I am here to tell you that your dog sleeping with you is perfectly fine as long as certain conditions are met.

During the first stages of puppy life…

Your puppy should never be allowed to sleep with you in their first 4 months of life, this is the time to teach self confidence in them. When you first being your puppy home, you should correctly crate train them and it is normal for them to cry throughout the night and then fall asleep. You should never attend to their crying during this time unless you know they need to use the potty. Usually puppies at 8 weeks of age will require pottying every 2-3 hours and the holding period increases with age. You can keep their crate right in your room if you wish.

Around 5-6 months your puppy’s elimination time will increase to 8 hours. Once your puppy learns to be by themselves and potty training is going well you can consider letting them on your bed. You should bath your puppy every two weeks using baby shampoo and you should always clean your puppy’s feet as well as around the mouth if they are outdoors a lot before letting them on your bed.

Setting limits with your puppy

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Setting limits with your puppy

You should know that your puppy is always testing the waters to see what they can and can’t get away with. They are just like children and displays curiosity and mischievousness. You should always establish the pack leader status with your puppy. They shouldn’t be just allowed to climb up on your bed when you are not there or when you are there but not sitting on your bed first. Some breeds may not leave much hair, such as short haired brindle breeds of dog, but other non-hypoallergenic breeds could leave a lot of annoying molted hair. The dog should know that the use of your bed should only happen when you allow it. If you do not set these rules clearly it is a possibility that your dog can feel equal to you and therefore not respect you.

Several surveys have shown that roughly 60 percent of all dog owners allow their dogs to sleep on their bed with them. Dog owners give a variety of reasons for sharing beds with their canine companions, one of the most common being that dogs are warm — it just feels good to snuggle up to a dog on a cold night.

The previous research was correct in demonstrating that people sharing their bed with a dog did experience some sleep disturbance. However, in terms of the total amount of sleep obtained each night, the effects were negligible.

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